Laparoscopic Surgery For CBD Stones

Category Laparoscopic Surgery for CBD Stones

Choledocholithiasis is a condition in which there is a stone in the common bile duct, which is either passed from the gall bladder or formed inside CBD. In the majority of cases, the stone form in gall bladder and pass in CBD. Patients with CBD stones develop pain abdomen, jaundice, and fever. For stones less than 7mm, ERCP (endoscopic removal of stones) is preferred. For size, more than 10 mm, surgical removal of stone is preferred. Patients with a CBD stone should undergo removal of gall bladder (Cholecystectomy) in the same setting as there is a risk of formation gall bladder stones and stones passing in the CBD. Dr. Ashish Sachan has performed multiple simultaneous removals of the gall bladder and CBD stone removal in a single sitting. We are performing CBD exploration laparoscopically for many years. The advantages of laparoscopic CBD exploration are less scar, early recovery, less pain, and better cosmesis.

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