5 symptoms of anal Cancer - By Dr Ashish Sachan, Mch Gastrointestinal surgery

Here are the signs of anal cancer that should know:

1. Pain in the anus

Hemorrhoids can cause tenderness and pain in the anus. Sometimes that pain can be a sign of anal cancer. It will start as a mild pain and then turn into constant pain. If it’s not treated, the pain will become unbearable, which means that the cancer is spreading.

2. Itchy anus

If you only experience itching, you should not be worried. On the other hand, if you are experiencing other signs alongside itching, you should check it with your doctor.

3. Anal bleeding

People most often assume that their anal bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, constant anal bleeding can be a sign of anal cancer.

4. Discharge from the anus

If you notice a mucus discharge from your anus, that might be a sign of anal cancer. If there’s mucus wrapped around your stool every time you use the bathroom, see your doctor.

5. A lump outside the anus

If you see a lump outside your anus, you should keep it monitored. If it starts to increase, it might be a tumor. Once that lump starts growing, you’ll experience pain too.

To prevent anal cancer, you should be aware of certain risk factors. The main factor is anal sexual intercourse which increases the development of cancer and HIV also.

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