Bladder Cancer Treatment

The bladder is an empty organ in the lower abdomen. It is in the shape of a small inflatable boat and has a solid separator that allows it to expand or contract to retain the urine produced by the kidneys. There are two kidneys above the middle, one on each side of the spine. Small tubes in the renal duct and cleanse the blood. They take external influences and urinate. Urine passes through each kidney through a long cylinder called the urethra. The bladder holds urine until it passes through the urethra and leaves the body. Cancer of the bladder mucosa is called superficial bladder disease. Malignant tumors that have spread through the bladder mucosa and attack the bladder muscle or have spread to local organs and lymph nodes are called invasive bladder cancer. Anything that increases your chances of getting an infection is called a risk factor. The presence of a gambling factor does not mean that you will receive a malicious pay rise; The absence of risk factors does not mean that you will not get sick. Talk to your doctor if you think you may be at risk for bladder disease.

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