Gastro Surgeon

If you or someone you love may need GI surgery, it's natural to have questions as you consider your options. Dr Ashish Sachan GI surgeons provide surgical precision, personalized care and compassion. Gastrointestinal surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures that treat benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancer) conditions that affect the body's digestive system. The GI tract is another name for your body's digestive tract. It consists of several tube-like organs joined together starting at the esophagus in the mouth and ending at your anus. Each piece of the GI tract plays a role in how your body digests (breaks down) food and nutrients. Surgeons with different types (and levels) of training can perform GI surgeries. Our GI surgery team includes board-certified general surgeons trained in treating a wide variety of problems. Many of our surgeons have received fellowship training, an intensive process that provides an extra layer of expertise.


  • Gastro Surgeon in Yamuna Vihar
  • Gastro Surgeon in Delhi NCR
  • Gastro Surgeon in Vivek Vihar
  • Gastro Surgeon in Dilshad Garden
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