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The development of jaundice is an indication that your liver is not working correctly. It could be due to multiple reasons like viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B or C ) / Alcoholic hepatitis / Autoimmune hepatitis / CBD stones / Malignancy etc. Therefore, you should consult a stomach doctor as early as possible to diagnose the cause of jaundice and treat it. Heartburn refers to the pain or burning sensation felt in the heart or chest. It is quite a prevalent health issue that comes and goes after the intake of medicines. However, what raises the alarm is when you complain about having consistent heartburn. This means when the heartburn symptoms remain for a week or more, it is high time you visit an expert gastroenterologist It can be the initial sign of a serious problem called GERD that develops when the stomach acid disturbs the oesophagus lining. Smokers and pregnant women usually complain about housing this issue. However, medications can cure GERD, but in severe cases, gastroenterologists recommend surgery.


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