Best Cancer Chemotherapy

If you're like many cancer patients, the concept of chemotherapy makes you immediately picture a bad experience: weeks of severe nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, and temporary hair loss. There are several misconceptions concerning chemotherapy that aren't totally true. While many cancer patients do experience some short- and long-term side effects from chemotherapy, some have very few. Treatment for cancer is advancing and evolving quickly. There are now far more chemotherapy medication alternatives available than ever before. These medications might only make up a portion of your cancer treatment because they might be combined with other cutting-edge therapies or used alone. Not all chemotherapy medications carry the same risk of adverse effects. To assist patients in avoiding and managing potential side effects, more (and better) drugs and supportive therapies are now readily available. Many patients are shocked to learn that not everyone loses their hair, and that some people feel better when they begin chemotherapy when the cancer regresses.


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