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Best Oncologist in Vivek Vihar; A physician having specialised training in the detection and management of cancer is known as an oncologist. Some doctors concentrate on a certain approach to cancer treatment. The oncologist helps the patient as a member of a multidisciplinary team by working together and coordinating with other experts. In addition to providing clinical care, oncologists also work in the fields of health promotion, clinical teaching, ethics, and cancer research (including therapies, biology, epidemiology, and research on clinical outcomes). A general practitioner (GP) may refer a patient to an oncologist if they are given a cancer diagnosis or if cancer is suspected. A pathologist will take a biopsy (tissue sample) and study it. If it is found to be cancerous, a series of diagnostic tests and scans may be done to determine the size of cancer and to find out whether it has spread. Oncologists work as a team to recommend a course of treatment for individual patients. Patients can seek a second opinion from other doctors or medical teams at any time. A GP or specialist can refer patients to other specialists, and patients can request their medical history to be sent to the doctor to provide a second opinion.


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